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Quarantine Piano is a free Kontakt library based on my Yamaha U3. The piano was sampled with two Aston Starlights in vintage mode and a Rode NT2000. This is not just a piano, but rather a toolkit offering 5 versions of the piano (both normal and felt) and other sound designed goodies that can possibly let you create full tracks with this library alone.

The library contains: Piano, Felt Piano, Flickering Piano, Harmonic Piano, Sound designed elements, Percussive patches and other extra utility patches to enhance your tracks.



Works with the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1and above

2 dynamic layers and release triggers

2 microphone positions

30 nki instruments

2.1 Gb 

Confined - Quarantine Piano Demo Walkthrough
Quarantine Piano Walkthrough - Free Kontakt Library
Quarantine Piano - Free Piano Day Kontakt Patch
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